As a composer, I strive to make music that speaks on an emotional and spiritual level, allowing us to transcend our daily lives and get a glimpse of something greater than ourselves.  I use a tonal and sometimes repetitive language, not as the result of a conscious and deliberate decision, but from an innate awareness that this language communicates directly.  I use architectural structures (some natural, some man-made) to organize this language into meaningful and thoughtful music that expresses my personal voice and acknowledges the inspiration and glory of God.

I am excited and challenged by the collaborative work that I do, which includes having worked with such immensely talented choreographers as Oguri and Rosanna Gamson.  Oguri, whose work is drawn from Japanese Butoh, has helped shape my ability to communicate and connect with my music, inwardly and outwardly.  Rosanna Gamson works with a diverse company of dancers, actors and visual artists who cover the range of experience, area of expertise, age, language and ethnic background.  She has shown me the rich variety of cultures and artistic styles that can be drawn from to influence and inform one’s own art while maintaining a personal identity in the work.

I am continually in the process of education as an artist, and am always looking at the world around me for direction and inspiration.  I continue to be influenced by music from the past, as well as the music of other cultures and the popular music of today.  As an artist, my goal is to make music, either on its own or in combination with other media, that speaks to the soul as well as the mind.  I strive to find or create beauty in a world that is not always beautiful.